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I say Ergo Sum, the writer's imperative

21-04-2023 10:15

Martina e Rosalba Giacalone

Scrivere, leggere, viaggiare..,

I say Ergo Sum, the writer's imperative

Man was born to tell and to tell himself...

by Martina and Rosalba Giacalone  

I say ergo sum: I tell therefore I am .

Man was born to tell and to tell himself. Before you even have learned to speak fluently and articulate,   men felt they had to narrate their experiences and they did so through cave paintings, graffiti, which we still look at and study with amazement and admiration.

Our ancestors who gradually evolved, not yet mastering writing, produced ever more detailed oral stories of everyday life, of the history of the community, of the ordinary and extraordinary events in which they were protagonists.

The human being is homo sapiens and homo dicens . To tell is to exist, to have a role in the world, even in the microcosm in which we live.

With the advent of writing, historiography was born, the story of the lives of peoples and the deeds of leaders. And literature was also born. Men talk about themselves and about reality; they invent stories of all kinds, giving life to the so-called literary genres.

Nowadays people tell each other on social media, posting "stories" made up of images, words and music, looking for and finding new resources to say: I'm here !

The need to resort to storytelling to prove existence is inherent in the human species and will never fail, at least until we become extinct like the dinosaurs.